Our [P4CK] Veterans represent the natural leaders among us. They consistently pursue high-level content in PvE, PvP, and FPS. They're definitely more hardcore than most players you meet, and they exemplify The [P4CK]'s commitment to achieving victory. In addition to carrying our standard to victory by leading in-game teams, Veteran members have the following four values to adhere to:

  • Commitment: Veterans are dedicated to The [P4CK]'s success.
  • Respect: Veterans act as an example for other members.
  • Skill: Veterans want to be the best at the games they play and work to achieve it, including practicing together to improve.
  • Consistency: Veterans show up when they say they will, and they show up on time. If they're in your group, you can count on their performance.



Note: [P4CK] Veterans are held to higher standards than all other members of The [P4CK], and serve as examples for new players as well as those looking to improve their skill. In addition to the added responsibility, [P4CK] Veterans have a few additional benefits:

  • Private Discord Voice Channels: Don't want anyone to jump in voice on your next raid? Veteran [P4CK] members have access to drag-in only Discord channels in both Voice Activity and Push-To-Talk formats for closed groups and practices. Any [P4CK] member can be dragged into these channels, but only Veterans may join and move members - there is an open "Private Voice Lobby" available for easy queuing of members that need to be dragged in to private channels.
    • Note: Private Discord channels are still subject to moderation - content must still adhere to the requirements listed under the "Content" tab of the Requirements Page.
  • Private Discord Chat Channel: Coordinate groups, discuss strategy, and shoot the breeze without the hassle of clogging up General or having to use the wrong chat channel.
    • Note: Private Discord channels are still subject to moderation - content must still adhere to the requirements listed under the "Content" tab of the Requirements Page.
  • Private Discussion Forums: Coordinate groups, discuss strategy, talk about how darn cool you are! Do it all in your own private forums. In addition to a General Discussion, there are designated forums for PvE, PvP, and FPS players.
    • Note: Private Forums are still subject to moderation - content must still adhere to the requirements listed under the "Content" tab of the Requirements Page.
  • Exclusive Forum Badge: Show off your [P4CK] Veteran status!
  • Custom Profile on the [P4CK] Veterans Page: show off your Veteran status with a custom profile including a photo of your choosing, short bio, in-game aliases, custom links to your Twitch, YouTube, etc. and a link to your [P4CK] Forums profile




MMO/RPG Veteran
Damalen, or "Dama" for short is an avid WoW player and a committed GM. When he's not online helping guildies and finding new members, you can catch him in a variety of other games. Dama enjoys most of the major Blizzard titles from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm, and can often be spotted on Fallout 4 too!
- The [P4CK] - World of Warcraft Guild
Team leader of:


Ed "PriddyPwny"
MOBA Veteran
PriddyPwny is a long time streamer and original [P4CK] member. His love for MOBAs comes through clearly when he's roflstomping hard in Heroes of the Storm or performing an immaculate carry in Heroes of Newerth.
- Heroes of the Storm [P4CK] Team
Team leader of:
Watch me on Twitch.tv!


Could be you!
RTS/Basebuilder Gaming Veteran
Do you love RTS, Strategy, and Basebuilding games? Do you want to share that passion with others? Use the links in the navigation menu to apply as a Veteran today. We've got an incredibly supportive team of Admins and other Veterans to help guide you along the way and establish a community of players in your favorite games. You benefit by always having a solid group to play with, and every new member benefits by being able to call The [P4CK]'s awesome community their own!
Apply today!Meet the other Veterans!


Pablo "pdlf626"
Shooters Gaming Veteran
PDL for short, Pablo was another early joiner of The [P4CK]. His cool demeanor and awesome sense of humor make him a great Veteran, and an awesome person to have as your leader for a teaching run. FUN FACT: PDL solo'd every single room of the Underbelly using only a Prospector. Tell me that isn't the most disgusting thing you've heard this week... Pablo took over leadership of The [P4CK]'s Destiny 2 clan as the The [P4CK] expanded past a single game. He continues to keep it active and always welcomes new players who are looking to learn content or progress their characters!
- The [P4CK] Destiny 2 Clan
Team leader of:


Social Gaming Veteran
Phantom is the quiet, calculating type. Don't be fooled, though - he always brings the spiciest memes and is always coming for your loot. At times, some have even said he has become the memes. You'll float, too.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - thep4ck.com - Vanilla Rust)
Team leader of:
Social Gaming Veteran
I think its hilarious that you kids are talking shit about Me. You wouldn't say this shit to Me at lan, I'm jacked. Not only that but I wear the freshest clothes, I eat at the chillest restaurants and I hang out with the hottest dudes. y'all are pathetic lol.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - thep4ck.com - Vanilla Rust)
Team leader of:
Social Gaming Veteran
Eddbert is a streamer and a gamer from way back. He's also the only person to ever launch a full campaign for monthly MVP and still lose - RIP Eddbert.
Edd is a Veteran in the Social G4ming P4ck. He's always on the hunt for new games, and is down to hop in whenever you need another solid member on your team! He helps to organize the Game of the Month and always tries to start teams in new games.
Game of the Month
Follow me on Twitch.tv!
Social Gaming Veteran
Dshadi, king of the reeeee. If you want to have a good time, you live with Dshadi in a video game.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - thep4ck.com - Vanilla Rust)
Questionable housemate in:
Social Gaming Veteran
Dr. Red Skull is our resident streamer, with a YouTube channel that'll knock your socks off! Catch him narrating his gameplay and bringing you into the action - if you're looking for a good person to stream with look no further!
- [P4CK] Streamers
Team leader of:
Check out my YouTube channel!


Survival Gaming Veteran
Buck is one of the original members of The [P4CK], and has always had a love for survival games. He currently manages The [P4CK]'s official teams on both Rust and ARK: SE. Be careful, he'll leave your doors open!
- The [P4CK] ARK: Survival Evolved Tribe - The [P4CK] Rust Alliance
Team leader of: