The [P4CK] operates one 251 player Rust server, operating on a 4200KM/sq map. See the Rules & Requirements page for more information about playing on our server.


Use the following resources to aid your Rust experience! Browse the list to find the tool to change your game.

  • Rust Wikia - A Wiki full of information about everything Rust has to offer including spawn locations, maps, and helpful guides.
  • MODS
    • Our server is currently running Vanilla Rust, meaning there are no modifications present.



  • All players are expected to follow the directions given by admin staff at all times. Any player who is disrespectful to an admin, fails to follow direction, or does not adhere to a decision made by an admin will have their character removed. There is a submission form on the home page, and on the left-hand side of this page where you can submit any issue you may have with an admin. Admin staff are held to the same standards as all other players, and admin abuse is never tolerated. Please do not hesitate to submit any issue you feel you have. If you have concerns about the way a situation is or was being handled, please take screenshots and document the interaction. These make determining what happened much easier, and will ensure we have all the information when we consider a situation.


  • When raiding, you are allowed to cage/handcuff players, but for no longer than 4 hours or the length of the raid - whichever comes first.
  • Absolutely no griefing of enemy players or alliances

    • Griefing means continuously attacking a player or alliance every day, or on respawn. This behavior detracts from the quality of the game and is not necessary to enjoy Rust's PvP.
    • Admin staff will decide whether or not a given player or Alliance's behavior is considered griefing, use your discretion to avoid any incidents.


  • We encourage members to be active on chat and keep up the good banter. Using foul language and talking trash to other players is completely acceptable, but please do not be a toxic presence on the server. This includes excessive chat spam, repeated aggressive behavior, racism, sexism, etc. is not acceptable and will result in penalties. Repeatedly doing these things will result in a kick and eventually a ban.


  • No using mods/game features in an exploitative manner in general.
  • Do not exploit structure collision
    • If you build your base into terrain so that it cannot be touched by other players, you will be subject to a structure wipe.


  • FIRST OFFENSE: Warning from an admin staff member
  • SECOND OFFENSE: Player kick or alliance wipe, depending on circumstance
  • THIRD OFFENSE: Alliance or player ban, depending on circumstance


Survival Gaming Veteran
Buck is one of the original members of The [P4CK], and has always had a love for survival games. He currently manages The [P4CK]'s official teams on both Rust and ARK: SE. Be careful, he'll leave your doors open!
- The [P4CK] ARK: Survival Evolved Tribe - The [P4CK] Rust Alliance
Team leader of:


Important! Meeting these requirements is mandatory for all members who wish to be in The [P4CK]'s ARK: SE Tribe. Please note that membership in The [P4CK]'s Rust Alliance has no impact on your membership in The [P4CK]. Even if you aren't in the alliance but you follow the server rules (listed on the Server Rules tab before this one), you are welcome to play on the server, start your own alliance(s), and achieve glory!


  • Meet all [P4CK] general membership requirements.
  • Be social! Playing more often throughout the week and communicating on Discord will improve the chances we’re available to help! If you are only online twice a week for a couple of hours, there’s a large chance you will miss out on what our tribe has to offer.  Simply put, the active will reap the benefits.



We know life happens, and we know people get busy with work, school, family, hobbies, etc. Perhaps you've had a vacation scheduled, perhaps you want to make a spontaneous getaway - go for it, we hope you have a great time! There is no penalty for inactivity, we want you to have a life (not that we also don't want you to no-life it hard sometimes...)

  • Do not be absent for more than a week without notice to an admin. Note: you are required to notify an admin of any inactivity longer than 2 weeks, this is listed here because schedules change so it's better to let us know you'll be gone than come back to being tribe-less. There are also apps and bots that automatically send notices after periods of time absent, so there’s no excuse for not notifying an admin if you can't make it online. We will also send a notice to you after a week and boot you from the Rust Alliance after 2 weeks.
    • This is not a kick from the [P4CK], just the Rust Alliance!
  • Make and maintain your own base. Talk to an admin in-game or on Discord for more information.
    • We are not going to give you a minimum time played or anything like that, but we’d like everyone to be a part of helping The [P4CK] grow!


We aren't going to just accept anyone, as our bases are well-fortified and our bonds are strong. We've got a large amount of resources and an abundance of firepower - we want you to join us, but we are a cautious group. Fill out the form below and we will arrange a time to meet with you in-game. You are also expected to be in Discord Rust category at the time of your rendezvous, see the Mic & Discord Info tab after this one for more information.


  • We are people, too.  The admins and Veterans have lots of things to work on including website development, endgame strategy and boss runs, PvP teams and practices, etc… If we don’t respond on #general or another public channel @ or PM one of us to get our attention. We are never ignoring you!


  • Our Discord server is available for use by any player on The [P4CK]'s Rust server. However, the use of our Discord also requires registration for an account on our site and general membership in The [P4CK]. This means you will be required to post twice a month on our Forums if you wish to use our Discord for your own alliance on Rust. See below for more info.


  • Do you have dreams of crushing The [P4CK] on their own server? We welcome all challengers, and are constantly on the lookout for an awesome raid - hit us with your best shot.
  • We'll help facilitate this by providing you a password-protected channel in our Discord that your Tribe leader can have admin over. Please contact an @admin in Discord to set this up.


  • You are required to have a microphone and have access to Voice communications via Discord in order to join The [P4CK]'s Rust Alliance. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • We understand that this may limit the accessibility of The [P4CK]'s tribe for some players, however this is necessary to ensure we are able to communicate during various encounters.
    • Keep in mind not being in The [P4CK]'s tribe has no impact on your ability to play on the server as long as you follow the rules.
    • We also do monthly giveaways and MVP giveaways, which are sometimes microphones or headsets! At the very least, they might be an Amazon gift card worth enough to buy a desktop microphone!


  • Our server is currently running Vanilla Rust, meaning there are no modifications present.