The Social G4ming P4ck is the place to go if you don't have a favorite type of game, or don't feel like your tastes fit into a G4ming P4ck. Maybe you're the kind of gamer who is always looking at Early Access games on Steam, or maybe you're always willing to try something new. If you only play a couple times a week, the Social G4ming P4ck is the perfect place for you to always have a solid group of people to game online with!

Use the form below to request to join or switch between G4ming P4cks.


  • You cannot switch your G4ming P4ck more than once every 30 days (once a month).

  • If switching a G4ming P4ck: you must be approved by both the admin in the P4ck you are leaving and the one you wish to join. You should talk to them both to help facilitate this process!

  • Your request can be denied for any reason - being able to switch is not guaranteed. Keep in mind, our Social G4ming P4ck is a great place for folks who may want a bit less commitment.

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Our Veterans lead teams in individual games. Each Veteran leads their own team, but they often play together and jump around to different games. We hand-pick our Veterans to ensure they're always the most friendly and helpful players - never hesitate to message them asking for help or let them know if you want to join their team!

Note: Veterans have full discretion over the membership and requirements for their in-game teams. If you have an issue with a Veteran, please contact their G4ming P4ck's Admin.

Social Gaming Veteran
Phantom is the quiet, calculating type. Don't be fooled, though - he always brings the spiciest memes and is always coming for your loot. At times, some have even said he has become the memes. You'll float, too.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - - Vanilla Rust)
Team leader of:
Social Gaming Veteran
I think its hilarious that you kids are talking shit about Me. You wouldn't say this shit to Me at lan, I'm jacked. Not only that but I wear the freshest clothes, I eat at the chillest restaurants and I hang out with the hottest dudes. y'all are pathetic lol.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - - Vanilla Rust)
Team leader of:
Social Gaming Veteran
Eddbert is a streamer and a gamer from way back. He's also the only person to ever launch a full campaign for monthly MVP and still lose - RIP Eddbert.
Edd is a Veteran in the Social G4ming P4ck. He's always on the hunt for new games, and is down to hop in whenever you need another solid member on your team! He helps to organize the Game of the Month and always tries to start teams in new games.
Game of the Month
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Social Gaming Veteran
Dshadi, king of the reeeee. If you want to have a good time, you live with Dshadi in a video game.
- Rusty Bois ([P4CK] Rust Server - - Vanilla Rust)
Questionable housemate in:
Social Gaming Veteran
Dr. Red Skull is our resident streamer, with a YouTube channel that'll knock your socks off! Catch him narrating his gameplay and bringing you into the action - if you're looking for a good person to stream with look no further!
- [P4CK] Streamers
Team leader of:
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Our Social G4ming P4ck also hosts our G4me of the Month, a fun way for everyone to get involved in trying out new games. This is one of the most crucial activities in The [P4CK], because people burn out on games quickly! Our Social G4ming P4ck is the lifeblood that makes sure people always have a new game to test out and a fun group to play it with!

Check the Forums for information about what the most recent game of the month is, and which game we're trying out next month!