Have you been pwning kids since the early days of 1.6? Are you new to the FPS genre because you picked up Call of Duty WWII? (I'm sorry if it's the latter, because, man, that's rough.) Maybe you're a hardcore Destiny 2 player who's looking for an awesome clan to call home. Look no further - whatever your flavor of headshot-filled glory, the Shooters G4ming P4ck is your ticket to good times.


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  • You cannot switch your G4ming P4ck more than once every 30 days (once a month).

  • If switching a G4ming P4ck: you must be approved by both the admin in the P4ck you are leaving and the one you wish to join. You should talk to them both to help facilitate this process!

  • Your request can be denied for any reason - being able to switch is not guaranteed. Keep in mind, our Social G4ming P4ck is a great place for folks who may want a bit less commitment.

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Our Admins and Veterans are working hard to develop requirements and information about new teams in the Shooters G4ming P4ck. Check back here and in the Forums often for the latest news and developments! If you'd like to help in the development, or you'd like to start a team, please contact an Admin.

Our Veterans lead teams in individual games. Each Veteran leads their own team, but they often play together and jump around to different games. We hand-pick our Veterans to ensure they're always the most friendly and helpful players - never hesitate to message them asking for help or let them know if you want to join their team!

Note: Veterans have full discretion over the membership and requirements for their in-game teams. If you have an issue with a Veteran, please contact their G4ming P4ck's Admin.

Pablo "pdlf626"
Shooters Gaming Veteran
PDL for short, Pablo was another early joiner of The [P4CK]. His cool demeanor and awesome sense of humor make him a great Veteran, and an awesome person to have as your leader for a teaching run. FUN FACT: PDL solo'd every single room of the Underbelly using only a Prospector. Tell me that isn't the most disgusting thing you've heard this week... Pablo took over leadership of The [P4CK]'s Destiny 2 clan as the The [P4CK] expanded past a single game. He continues to keep it active and always welcomes new players who are looking to learn content or progress their characters!
- The [P4CK] Destiny 2 Clan
Team leader of:


Our Admins and Veterans are working hard to develop pages for each game we play, and create teams for each of those games. If you don't see your favorite listed yet, hang tight! Talk to an Admin or Veteran to see if we're working on it, and if not let us know what you'd like to see - we value your feedback!