The [P4CK] is starting a brand new Path of Exile Guild! We are currently building out these pages with more information and are looking for leadership! See the Requirements tab for more information.



Use the following resources to aid your Path of Exile experience! Browse the list to find the tool to change your game.

  • Path of Exile Main Site
    • The main site is where you want to go to find new builds to play!
  • Path of Exile Wiki
    • It’s the Wiki. Useful for knowing the rolls and role-ranges on items.
  • FilterBlade (Customizable Filter)
    • A filter is HIGHLY needed in this game. It filters out useless items that drop.
    • I recommend just downloading the ‘Regular’ version if you’re just starting out. Feel free to change the style: Normal, Blue, Purple or Slick
  • Path of Exile Trading (
    • This site is where you will go to search for items that players are selling.
    • You click on “Whisper” to copy a generic purchase text that you then paste into the chat window inside Path of Exile.
    • (When purchasing make sure you have the currency on hand before whispering and NEVER change or edit the text. If you want to make an offer just send a second whisper like “offer x Chaos”. )
  • Path of Exile Item and Currency graph
    • This site shows price graphs of items and currency that players are selling. Kind of like a stock. A good way to see if expensive items are going up or down in price.
  • Path of Building (Skill Tree Planner)
    • An offline program (PC) that allows you to plan out your builds. Most builds will have a pastebin link specifically for this program.
  • Labyrinth (Ascendancy) Guide
    • A site that has a “map” of sorts that helps you through the Labyrinth.
  • Mercury Trade (In-game Trade Overlay)
    • A tool that shows an overlay when you go to purchase or sell an item from/to a player.
  • PoE Trade Macro (Hotkey Price-Searching)
    • A tool that allows you to quickly price check what players are selling a specific Unique or similar Rares for.
  • AutoHotkey
    • Needed for ‘PoE Trade Macro’

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See our Veteran application page at for more information and to apply today!

Our Admins and Veterans are working hard to develop requirements and information about our new Path of Exile Guild. Check back here and in the Forums often for the latest news and developments! If you'd like to help in the development, or you have another MMO/RPG you'd like to start a team in, please contact an Admin.

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  • You are not required to have a microphone and have access to Voice communications via Discord in order to join The [P4CK]'s Path of Exile guild, however not having a mic may limit the activities you are able to participate in!
    • We understand that this may limit the accessibility of The [P4CK]'s Path of Exile Guild for some players, however this is necessary to ensure we are able to communicate during various encounters.
    • For information on how you can play with us without being in the PoE Guild, please see the notice labeled "Important!"
    • We also do monthly giveaways and MVP giveaways, which are sometimes microphones or headsets! At the very least, they might be an Amazon gift card worth enough to buy a desktop microphone!



      • While there are some strong choices here, not all of them are beginner friendly or cheap enough to start.



    • This build is very cheap, and beginner friendly. The post is EXTREMELY detailed. And like most builds, it has a pastebin link for use with ‘Path of Building’.



Our Admins and Veterans are working hard to develop pages for each game we play, and create teams for each of those games. If you don't see your favorite listed yet, hang tight! Talk to an Admin or Veteran to see if we're working on it, and if not let us know what you'd like to see - we value your feedback!