Click through the categories to the left for [P4CK]-specific info related to each game we play!


The [P4CK] is more than a tribe or guild in a single game, we're a community of players that spans across a variety of different games and genres in order to create a system that allows you to find a group no matter what game you decide to jump on.

We've categorized our members into 6 unique "Gaming P4cks" (get it?!):

  • MMO/RPG - includes games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Path of Exile
  • MOBA - includes games like Heroes of the Storm and DOTA 2
  • RTS - includes games like Civilizations and Company of Heroes
  • Shooters - includes games like Destiny 2, The Division, and Call of Duty
  • Social - includes players who prefer to jump around, and focus on new games that may not fit elsewhere
  • Survival - includes games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Citadel: Forged With Fire, and Rust

We'll be adding more games under each Gaming P4ck as The [P4CK] sets up clans, tribes, or guilds on them. Check back often for more info!


  • By default, you'll be a member under the Gaming P4ck for the game from which you joined.
    • For example, if you joined The [P4CK] because you are a member of our Destiny 2 clan, you would automatically be a member of the "Shooters" Gaming P4ck.
  • If you are not a part of an in-game team, you are still a member, you just do not have an assigned Gaming P4ck (yet! Read on for more info...)
  • Choosing a P4ck is not required to join or participate in any events, however members of a Gaming P4ck are always given priority for that P4ck's events, read "Why Join a Gaming P4ck?" below.


  • Each P4ck will be overseen by an Admin, who will help manage P4ck membership and direct the activities of P4ck Veterans. See the specific Gaming P4ck's page for more information about admins and Veterans responsible for each Gaming P4ck.
  • P4ck Veterans are experienced players who are extremely dedicated, and are willing to take on leadership in a game they love. They are the direct leaders for the various in-game [P4CK] teams, from being the Guild Master in World of Warcraft to the Tribe Admin in ARK: Survival Evolved.
  • It is not necessary to be a P4ck Veteran to join or participate in any events, however members of a P4ck are always given priority for that P4ck's events, read "Why Join a Gaming P4ck?" below.


The [P4CK] is designed so that you can just hop on and find a group in whatever game you want to play, and that's our number one goal. However, maybe there's a certain type of game that you enjoy more than all the rest, and you want to make sure you're always first in line when The [P4CK] plays it - a Gaming P4ck is for you! Gaming P4cks are very easy to join, simply enter some basic info on the landing page for the Gaming P4ck you want to join. An admin or Veteran for that Gaming P4ck will add you - that's it! You can switch between Gaming P4cks, but only by applying for a new one using the form on that Gaming P4ck's page. Note: applications are at admin discretion - don't be a P4ck-hopper, that's what the Social Gaming P4ck is for!


Didn't see your favorite game in the list above, or have we not started a [P4CK] group for that game yet? Let us know if you want to start The [P4CK] on your favorite game by heading over to the "Submit A Game" tab above! We're always looking to expand our player-base. If you've got an existing community in your favorite game, and you'd like to house them under The [P4CK]'s roof, just make sure to check the box for "I've already got a group who plays this game" when you submit your info!

We're always open to discuss mergers, etc. and depending on our current membership, we may be looking for new players! So if you've got a great group and you want to make sure they've got a place to call home, submit your info so we can talk.


  • We'll try to include a variety of useful links for each game we list here, if you've got your own feel free to post in the Forums and we'll add it to the list!

In addition to the game-specific links on each page, be sure to check out the Guides and Walkthroughs that The [P4CK] has created over on our Guides page.


  • In addition to the general requirements for being a member of The [P4CK] (i.e. registering on the site, being on Discord, posting in the Forums - details can be found on the Member Requirements Page), each game has additional requirements for being a part of The [P4CK]'s in-game team. Visit the game's page using the navigation menu to the left, and then click on the "Requirements" tab.


Setting up requirements for membership is never a fun process, and it isn't something we take lightly. I and the other admins have worked hard to create what we believe is an easy way for players to connect with one another and make sure they've always got friends to game with. To us, that means very few requirements for general membership, and access to everything The [P4CK] has to offer via Discord and our website.

Unfortunately, some games impose membership caps on the clans/tribes/guilds that can be created (a perfect example is Destiny 2, with a clan membership cap of 100 players). That means that we are forced to balance maintaining an active player-base with our stated goal of a community open to players of all skill and commitment levels. With that in mind, we've created some extremely basic additional requirements for players who not only want to be in The [P4CK] but also want to be a member of a game-specific clan/tribe/guild/group. Our goal here isn't to exclude anyone, and that's why it's important to note that this has no impact on [P4CK] membership - i.e. as long as you fulfill the Basic Requirements, you're in The [P4CK] even if you aren't in the clan/tribe/guild/group. In simpler terms, that means you'll still get to group with us, join in on [P4CK] events, and have access to all the same benefits as everyone else.

The other admins and I appreciate everyone's understanding, because until the day that developers stop putting those weird caps on in-game communities, this is the best solution we've got!

-Cumb, Founder

Use the form below to submit a game that you'd like to start The [P4CK] on! Note: you don't have to put in all the work, just let us know if there's an awesome game we're missing out on! We'll contact you about helping to get things set up.

Use the form below to request to join or switch between G4ming P4cks.


  • You cannot switch your G4ming P4ck more than once every 30 days (once a month).

  • If switching a G4ming P4ck: you must be approved by both the admin in the P4ck you are leaving and the one you wish to join. You should talk to them both to help facilitate this process!

  • Your request can be denied for any reason - being able to switch is not guaranteed. Keep in mind, our Social G4ming P4ck is a great place for folks who may want a bit less commitment.

You need to register for an account to join or change your G4ming P4ck!