Our server managers are the cream of the crop when it comes to server administration. They practice the utmost discretion, and consult with all other admins when making decisions about server management. Healthy servers are a cornerstone of The [P4CK]'s success, and our server managers put a lot of work into making sure they stay competitive yet friendly. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact them. Note: Our server managers do play in-game occasionally, however they are not allowed to lead any in-game teams, and will never use their admin privileges to gain any sort of unfair advantage over other players or teams.

Chris "HeXen"
Server Manager
Chris "HeXen" is your go-to for issues with our ARK servers. In addition to managing the servers and advertising them on various ARK communities, you can catch HeX building sweet bases and taming gerboas to breed in his "gerbil testing facilities" - trespassers beware.
- ARK - - Ragnarok (64 Slots) - ARK - - Aberration (64 Slots)
Servers Managed:
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Server Manager
Opbock, or "Bock" for short, is a legacy Rust player from way back. In his own accurate words, he was playing "before toxicity was invented" so he's seen the rise and fall of teamwork in Survival games. That gives Opbock a good eye for what's normal in Rust and what's just plain salty - let him know if there's anything you need! Though - watch your back, Op has been known to jump in occasionally and get a kill or two!
- Rust - - Vanilla Rust (251 players) - Citadel: Forged With Fire - - Citadel (40 players)
Servers Managed:
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Meet The Admins

The admins are the backbone of The [P4CK]. They make sure that day-to-day activities run smoothly, that new players get the resources they need to have fun, and that any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. Being an admin doesn't mean being on 24/7, nor does it mean being the best player in the lobby. Being an admin means maintaining a consistent presence both in-game and in Discord whether it be helping new members with in-game content and resources, or within the Forums and chat channels replying to posts and sharing content. In addition to the normal membership requirements and responsibilities unique to each role, admins all adhere to the following five values:

  • Fairness: Admins will take time to understand conflicts before acting, and will consult with other admins if they are faced with a difficult decision.
  • Responsibility: Admins are held to the same standards as all other members of The [P4CK], there is no tolerance for abuse of power.
  • Helpfulness: Admins are responsible for answering questions and providing assistance to members as well as maintaining a friendly and helpful demeanor.
  • Maturity: Being an admin is not an easy task. Admins take on additional tasks and are regularly forced to make difficult decisions. Admins must act with maturity at all times, their success is The [P4CK]'s success.
  • Consistency: Admins are expected to be consistent in their commitment to their responsibilities. Admins set an example by being on time for scheduled events, respecting the time commitments of others, and playing to the best of their ability every time.


Cameron "Cumb"
Cumb calls the sunny state of California his home. When he isn't running The [P4CK], he enjoys teaching content to new players, pursuing high-level endgame progression, and streaming his gameplay. He like to think he's good at CS:GO, but he refuses to 1v1 you.
If you ever have any questions, or concerns about how we do things here in The [P4CK], I want you to let me know. Email me any time at - we value all the feedback we get, and we're constantly looking for ways to offer our members a better experience here.
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Ben "Byarn"
Senior Admin
Byarn, the king of wipes, and the leader of the Admins. Though Byarn might be new to PC gaming, he's recently equipped himself with a mighty rig and has picked up the skills in no time. Byarn's responsibilities include managing admin duties, ensuring that responsibilities are met, and wiping repeatedly. Byarn never has more than two or three scoops of tuna per meal, and a scoop is about a handful. Is that too much tuna?
Our Senior Admins work closely with the Founder to ensure that everything in The [P4CK] runs smoothly. Feel free to contact Ben at with any questions or concerns you might have.
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Marcus "HodgePodgeMediaGroup"
Senior Admin
I am a gamer from way back. I was practically born with a NES in my hand. Video games are a very large part of my life. I was mainly a console gamer up until recently. I finally decided to make the plunge into the PC world (you know....real gaming). It wasn't long after I started on PC that I decided to stream as well. I figure I'm already playing the game my computer is more than capable of streaming it, so I got myself a good quality camera, green screen, and a stream deck just for giggles. I joined The [P4CK] because I felt at home, I mean I really did. Not trying to sound like a tool or anything but it's the truth. It's AWESOME to have such a close knit community who all enjoys the same style game. I am mainly a PvE player (apparently am losing my competitive edge as I get older HA!) If anyone of you ever need my assistance with anything or just simply want to chat, feel free to hit me up. I am usually available on Discord throughout the day. I do have a day job however. I am currently a Security Technician for Comcast (I don't need to hear about how much they suck) but I can still make time to respond to a quick message. Anyways boi's and girls, don't hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to gaming with you all!!!
Our Senior Admins work closely with the Founder to ensure that everything in The [P4CK] runs smoothly. Feel free to contact Ben at with any questions or concerns you might have.
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Admin - Survival & RTS/Basebuilder
Vay has saved all of us from imminent wipes and total destruction countless times. In addition to his consistency and high level of skill, Vay is constantly on the hunt for the newest guides and tips to help us conquer content. That makes him the perfect resource for helping you master ARK and Rust, or answering questions as you progress. Catch him on Discord playing Factorio and recognize him by his friendly voice and calming presence, no matter how tough the encounter, you can count on Vay! Note: this does not imply that Vay is not a fierce warrior who will destroy you and everything you hold dear. Do not cross him, he is a sleeping giant!
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Admin - MMO/RPG & Shooters
I'm old, angry, and don't like most people. 32 years old, been gaming since I was old enough to pick up the NES brick. Gun enthusiast and NFA items owner.. PC builder - not no pussy-ass shit...real watercooling loops, custom wiring, and all that good stuff. Government worker by day, dominatrix-ing stuff by night. I hate people who talk too much on comms, that won't ever change. I come from the hardest-core WoW raiding roots, 30+ hour raid weeks and dozens of wipes a night. No matter what game I'm in, if it's a team effort and you're fucking about in comms while the group is dying, I'm going to come unglued and fuck your face over Discord... I will also hop channels if you people start talking about how fun it is to do your drugs or other stupid things millennials go on about. Other than that, I'm easy-going and could give a fuck less about much else.
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Admin - Social & MOBA
TheLegend is a beekeeper by day, and dedicated admin by night (and day a lot, too). When he isn't suited up against the stingy-bois, you can find him in Discord always down to help out or jump in a group. TheLegend plays a big variety of games, and joined The [P4CK] with a solid crew of friends who now also call it home!
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