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    So I heard about the recent bans, intended to allay the rising level of salt and dampen the torrents of tears. So far, I think it works, though players aren’t fully satisfied because, well, some of them still haven’t moved up in ranks, at least not as much as they would like.

    My question is: how are you guys feeling now? Do you feel justified because some of the higher-rank players are gone? Are you happy that you’ve moved up a few ranks while your GR clear is still the same? Do you feel like a better player now without having to beat your personal best?

    P.S: I saw a video of a youtuber called wolfcryer, the one where he does the little dance reacting to the recent event. I used to watch him regularly cuz I like his CR guides. Now I must say I’ve lost all respect for him due to his childish act. He’s already in his 70’s and yet he behaved like he’s 7 laughing at other people. All that pent-up salt must have driven him crazy.


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