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    Just picked it up on sale, I’ve played vanilla ARK and SE when it came out on PS4 but not PC. What are the differences (mods obviously) and how do I connect to our P4CK servers? Also whoever can give me a rundown between Ragnarok and Abberation difference, i’d appreciate it. Nothing crazy, just TL:DR it for me. Thanks!

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    • I stream my gameplay! Check out my profile for the link to my channel!

    First of all, super glad you picked it up on sale – I grabbed it on a previous sale when it was still a huge pile of buggy crap. Even in that state, I thought it was really fun because there was clearly a lot of depth to the game.

    I’d say the primary differences are the additions of new dinos (duh) and a refreshed UI. Not a lot of the base game mechanics have changed – but they’ve done some tweaking like removing flying dino speed modifications. For some of those changes, we have mods that revert them to Vanilla settings (for example, flying dinos can have speed modified and have original speeds etc.).

    I’m not sure how well implemented boss arenas were when you played, but they’re a big part of the end-game now. They’ve also added a lot of depth in terms of progression with an entire TEK tree. You can basically build space suits and crap now, but I think it’s gated pretty well so there aren’t just tons of Iron-Men zooming around on laser-equipped Megalodons. But, that is a very real scenario once you reach endgame which is cool.

    Full Vanilla ARK is super grindy, so we’ve upped the taming and mature rates for dinos, as well as the crafting rates to make it easier to jump in.


    • Download the mods for the server FIRST. The in-game mod installation manager is super slow and can crash, you will have a much easier time joining if you click “Subscribe to All” on the Workshops and download the mods first. After subscribing, the mods will automatically begin to install from your Steam client.
    • You can connect to the server by using this link: steam://connect/
      • Pro tip: adding steam://conect/ and then the IP or address of a server will trigger the Steam launcher for that game – this will work with most browsers.

    If for some reason you can’t connect to the server in that way, you can do it manually through your Steam client:

    1. Open Steam
    2. Open the “View” menu
    3. Click “Servers” – this will open the list of all Steam servers
    4. Click the “Favorites” tab along the top
    5. Click “Add a Server” in the bottom right corner
    6. Enter JUST the server IP – for the ARK Ragnarok server you’d enter:
    7. Click “Add Server to List”
    8. The server should now appear in your Favorites list and you will be able to reconnect to it at any time

    A guide that explains this in-depth with pictures (yay pictures!) can be found here:


    TL;DR: Not a ton of different stuff. ARK has a lot of mechanics found in other Survival games like loot caves, boss encounters, advanced AI, etc. The primary differences are the complex taming/breeding system, deep crafting/engram system, and the opportunity for a larger focus on base-building and community development due to the lack of a forced wipe and built-in tribe system. Download the mods for the server FIRST on the Steam Community Workshop page for our Ragnarok server: The [P4CK]’s Community Workshop page is also located here and contains our Aberration mods: Connect to the server using this link: steam://connect/ or visit this page for a guide on how to add the server to your Steam Favorites list manually.


    Happy ARKing, see you in there!

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    Sounds good!

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    • I stream my gameplay! Check out my profile for the link to my channel!

    TL;DR: “just tons of Iron-Men zooming around on laser-equipped Megalodons”


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