Week 10 Founder’s Update


It’s been another jam-packed week in The [P4CK], and I’ve got some really big, really exciting announcements for everyone. I want to especially thank Eddbert in this post, because he spent a great deal of time sharing expertise and perspective with me that has been tremendously helpful. As usual, the Weekly Update is broken down by category. As a teaser, we’ve created G4ming P4cks for all your favorite games and restructured our membership to make it easier for you to find groups and discover awesome games! Additionally, we launched a donation and subscription service to help offset maintenance costs which includes our new “VIP” service – this will allow folks to support The [P4CK] and get a dedicated slot on our servers based on their subscription level.



Congratulations to our December 2017 giveaway winners! Each of them will be receiving a $25 Amazon gift-card. Remember: to be eligible you need to have posted at least five (5) times in the Forums during the month of December! Unfortunately, there were only 2 eligible folks this month ā€“ however, Iā€™m hoping watching these gift cards slip through your fingers will inspire folks to post more in January!

A note to donors and subscribers during the month of December 2017: Because we launched our Donations and Subscriptions pages near the end of the month, all rewards and bonuses will be credited to members starting as of January 1, 2018 ā€“ we want you to get the most out of it!

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card Recipient: Eddbert
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card Recipient: Phantom

Congratulations to our December 2017 [P4CK] MVP. 16 [P4CK] members voted for their favorite in our poll during the month of December, and our winner received 6 votes. The winner will be receiving a Sennheiser GSP 301 Headset from The [P4CK] to recognize their awesomeness!

  • December 2017 [P4CK] MVP Awardee: Vayleos


Rather than retype everything here, I’m going to direct you over to the Giveaway & MVP page for information about this month’s prizes! You can also check out the specific Forum posts below:

Remember: you need to post at least 5 times during January to be eligible for the Giveaway! There were only two winners in December due to low Forum participation!


We’ve launched 4 new survival game servers! 2 ARK: Survival Evolved servers running Ragnarok and Aberration, a 250 player Vanilla Rust server, and a 40 player Citadel: Forged With Fire server! We’ve gotten great feedback so far, and are in the process of collecting information and tweaking server settings to make sure we please our members and our players!

You can find out more information and connect to the servers using the links on the left side of the home page, or by visiting the new G4ming P4cks page! I’ll explain more about that in the next section!

As part of our need for consistent administration of our servers, we have brought on two new Admins in special roles – HeXen and Opbock are our first Server Managers. Thanks for joining the team guys! You can read more on the Admins page, and feel free to contact them if you’ve ever got an issue with a [P4CK] server!


Note: due to the recent introduction of G4ming P4cks, we have defaulted all members to having no associated G4ming P4ck. That means you can apply for whichever you prefer, take your time in making your decision! You can only switch once every 30 days, and being in a G4ming P4ck means you get priority for that G4ming P4ck’s events, but you are expected to play with the team when you’re available!

We’ve finalized our Membership structure and changed from individual “Games” pages to “G4ming P4cks” which will act as portals for different games of similar genres. Check out the new “P4CKS” link for more. Here’s a nice copy/pasta from the page that describes how the new system works:


The [P4CK] is more than a tribe or guild in a single game, we’re a community of players that spans across a variety of different games and genres in order to create a system that allows you to find a group no matter what game you decide to jump on.

We’ve categorized our members into 6 unique “Gaming P4cks” (get it?!):

  • MMO/RPG – includes games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Path of Exile
  • MOBA – includes games like Heroes of the Storm and DOTA 2
  • RTS/Strategy/Basebuilder – includes games like Civilizations, Company of Heroes, Factorio
  • Shooters – includes games like Destiny 2, The Division, and Call of Duty
  • Social – includes players who prefer to jump around, and focus on new games that may not fit elsewhere
  • Survival – includes games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Citadel: Forged With Fire, and Rust

We’ll be adding more games under each Gaming P4ck as The [P4CK] sets up clans, tribes, or guilds on them. Check back often for more info!

  • By default, you’ll be a member under the Gaming P4ck for the game from which you joined.
    • For example, if you joined The [P4CK] because you are a member of our Destiny 2 clan, you would automatically be a member of the “Shooters” Gaming P4ck.
  • If you are not a part of an in-game team, you are still a member, you just do not have an assigned Gaming P4ck (yet! Read on for more info…)
  • Choosing a P4ck is not required to join or participate in any events, however members of a Gaming P4ck are always given priority for that P4ck’s events, read “Why Join a Gaming P4ck?” below.
  • Each P4ck will be overseen by an Admin, who will help manage P4ck membership and direct the activities of P4ck Veterans. See the specific Gaming P4ck’s page for more information about admins and Veterans responsible for each Gaming P4ck.
  • P4ck Veterans are experienced players who are extremely dedicated, and are willing to take on leadership in a game they love. They are the direct leaders for the various in-game [P4CK] teams, from being the Guild Master in World of Warcraft to the Tribe Admin in ARK: Survival Evolved.
  • It is not necessary to be a P4ck Veteran to join or participate in any events, however members of a P4ck are always given priority for that P4ck’s events, read “Why Join a Gaming P4ck?” below.

The [P4CK] is designed so that you can just hop on and find a group in whatever game you want to play, and that’s our number one goal. However, maybe there’s a certain type of game that you enjoy more than all the rest, and you want to make sure you’re always first in line when The [P4CK] plays it – a Gaming P4ck is for you! Gaming P4cks are very easy to join, simply enter some basic info on the landing page for the Gaming P4ck you want to join. An admin or Veteran for that Gaming P4ck will add you – that’s it! You can switch between Gaming P4cks, but only by applying for a new one using the form on that Gaming P4ck’s page. Note: applications are at admin discretion – don’t be a P4ck-hopper, that’s what the Social Gaming P4ck is for!


Didn’t see your favorite game in the list above, or have we not started a [P4CK] group for that game yet? Let us know if you want to start The [P4CK] on your favorite game by heading over to the “Submit A Game” tab above! We’re always looking to expand our player-base. If you’ve got an existing community in your favorite game, and you’d like to house them under The [P4CK]’s roof, just make sure to check the box for “I’ve already got a group who plays this game” when you submit your info!

We’re always open to discuss mergers, etc. and depending on our current membership, we may be looking for new players! So if you’ve got a great group and you want to make sure they’ve got a place to call home, submit your info so we can talk.

Here’s an image of the internal admin structure for all my visual learners:

And here’s an image of the membership structure:


A note on Donations and Subscriptions: The [P4CK] doesn’t have a Donation button or offer subscription services because we are trying to start a lucrative business. We are trying to run a sustainable online gaming community, and that has some attached costs including server hosting, game server hosting, and our monthly giveaway and MVP programs – all of which are critical aspects of what make us The [P4CK] and why our Members stick around.
When The [P4CK] started, we had only given brief thought to the financials of it all – assuming simply that hosting a server here or there would never add up to a whole lot – and that our website would never reach a level that required a serious hosting package. Fortunately, we were wrong. That means that we’ve begun offering members the choice to donate to The [P4CK], with bonuses based on the amount of their donation. Additionally, we’ve begun offering a “VIP” subscription service which entitles subscribers to dedicated slots on our game servers for a monthly fee.
Details on Donations can be found by clicking here.
Details on VIP Subscriptions can be found by clicking here.

The [P4CK] provides folks a service, it provides them an online community that they can call home, and a group of friends that they respect and enjoy. There is no cost for the service we provide, and that will always remain at the core of our mission – we will never charge a base membership fee.


To reflect the changes to our structure we’ve redesigned many areas on the website and on our Discord server. Be sure to jump in and check it out! Let us know if you run into any issues or if you have any ways that we can improve moving forward. We love hearing from you, your input has gotten us where we are today!

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