Out of the Purge, and onto Noah’s ARK: SE

Hello hello everyone! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season, and the New Year is approaching fast. Luckily, I’ve got new stuff for the New Year.

A bit of a shorter update this week, as our next week’s update will be jam-packed with exciting stuff like the announcements of our MVP and giveaway winners! The primary focus this last week has been purging inactive members and branching into some new games, so I’ve got updates on those things below.


Were you purged last week? Probably not, because if you’re reading this you’re a member on the site and that’s really all it takes. It was a truly horrendous purge this time, with over 70 members gone on Discord and 20+ gone from the Destiny 2 clan. That means our numbers are down significantly, but I think that’s a good thing! Having a ton of players who are inactive looks good on the surface, but provides for quite the boring experience for members.

What that also means is that we’re in recruitment mode, especially for our Destiny 2 clan – and our new ARK: SE tribe! Read on below for more on the ARK: SE excitement…


We’ve started hosting 2 clustered ARK: SE servers on Ragnarok (52 players) and Aberration (64 players) meaning we’ve got plenty of space for a big tribe! See the ARK: SE games page here for more information on how to join! Additionally, post in our new ARK: SE Forum if you’ve got any questions about anything. We can’t wait to see you in the ARK for more good times with The [P4CK]!

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